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Mother’s Day easy children’s crafts (1-10 years old)

Here you will get ideas for Mother’s Day easy children’s crafts. Mother’s day is a little bit different this year, but shouldn’t be forgotten. I hope this ideas will give your inspiration for Mother’s Day funny and easy children’s crafts.

0-1 years old – Foot and handprints

Footprint and handprint artwork are perfect and easy children’s crafts on Mother’s Day to do with very small children. They will need a lot of help from an adult, but it makes a very sweet mother’s day gift.

You just need a paper and some color, it could be food coloring, tempera paint or others. Just make sure that you are not using something that might cause an allergic reaction on your baby’s skin.

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2 years old – Flower collage

Do a natural flower collage. It could be just with glue on a paper or, if you have some self-adhesive film at home, you can also glue the flowers there and put it on a frame, made of paper or cardboard.

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If you can’t go outside to get some flowers alternatively you can cut out of a paper the form of your child’s hands doing a heart. Let your child paint whatever on a paper which you wrote already the word Mom, Mommy, Mother, Mama or any other mother related word. In the end glue the heart made of hands to the paper and you have a really cute and easy Mother’s day children’s craft done.

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3-4 years old – Paper flower bouquet

Do a flowers bouquet made out of paper. If you don’t have color paper at home even better, let your children paint white paper. For the flowers you can use other material also, as bottle caps and buttons.

5-6 years old – Your house

Let your child draw your house with your family on a paper bag. You can make someone looking outside the window or someone on the front door for example. This is one of my favourite Mother’s Day easy children’s crafts.

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7-8 years old – origami box

Help your child finding a heart shaped origami box tutorial. Let the child think about a message for Mother’s Day. She will love it!

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9-10 years old – Put on a show

It doesn’t have to be something long or difficult. Actually your child (and you) could recite a poem, sing a song, perform a small play or something acrobatic. This is not exactly a Mother’s Day easy children’s craft, but a small show for the mother will make her day feel very special.

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I hope this ideas helped you. Let me know on the comment section how it went.

Here you can watch my youtube video about Mother’s Day ideas during quarantine:

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