Mother's day in Germany

Mother’s day gift ideas on Etsy Deutschland

In this post you can see some of my mother’s day gift ideas that you can get on Etsy Deutschland. Mother’s day is celebrated with gifts in many countries around the world. And Germany is not an exception.

All products that I am listing here are shipped from a shop in Germany. Avoiding extended delays due to the COVID-19 measures in many airports and customs.

1. DIY macrame kit

For mothers with some extra time and who like to be creative. If that is the case for your mother, give her a DIY macrame kit. Etsy offers many of those options. Here you can check some of my favourite ones:

2. DIY rainbow kit

During this COVID-19 times rainbows are a symbol of hope and a brighter future. If your mother is into symbolic meanings of objects and likes to do some crafts, offer her a DIY rainbow kit. Here my favourite from Etsy:

3. Other DIY kits

There are many other DIY kits on Etsy, it depends on what your mother likes the most. I selected these 2 options:

4. Mother’s day cards (in German)

In Germany is very typical to offer a present together with a card and you can find many different mother’s day cards on Etsy.

5. Individual design representing mother and children

These Etsy options for mother’s day gifts are totally personalized. It means that you can change the message, type of hair, objects, drinks, fonts and even frames. And it could be a picture to hang or also cup.

6. Mom bags

We all know that one of the few things moms are doing outside right now is grocery shopping. Usually shopping a little bit more than before each time, so reusable bags are always a good idea. A jute bag looks also very nice to go to the beach (or a lake here in Germany)!

Check here my essential list when doing grocery shopping in Germany during quarantine:

7. Customized necklaces

Jewelry is usually a good idea to give to a mother anyways, but on Etsy you can find several different kinds of customizable jewelry. Yey!! Here my top ones!

NAME NECKLACE with gift box Flower of Life Rose Quartz image 0
Customizable necklace
(max. of 18 characters)
Chain of Name  Tree of Life  925 Silver  Rose Gold & Silver image 0
Customizable necklace
(max. of 50 characters)

8. Necklaces

If your mother is more of the classic type, and prefers something more traditional, you can also find typical jewelry on Etsy. These mother’s day gift ideas on Etsy fit almost all types of outfits and will probably used very often. Some even come with a mother’s day box!

9. Cake tops (in German)

In case you are going to bake a cake and leave it on your mother’s front door as a mother’s day gift, why not to decorate it with a lovely cake top? It is a very simple thing and makes a big difference.

Don’t forget to check my YouTube video about mother’s day ideas during quarantine. Baking a cake is one of them, but there are many others.

>>>>>>> <<<<<<

Beste Mama Geschenk Muttertag Tortengirlande Kuchengirlande image 2
Cake top: “Weltbeste Mama”
(World’s best mum)

10. Mother’s cup

I think at this point you already understood how much I like cups. Here my favourite Etsy cups as a mother’s day gift.

11. Pictures collage

Pictures are very good memories of moments and persons. During this COVID-19 quarantine times not all mothers are near their children, and a pictures gift seems perfect to remember good moments together. They come in different sizes and formats. Here some of my favourite picks from Etsy:

I hope this list of mother’s day gifts ideas on Etsy helped you finding the perfect gift for your mother!

Don’t forget to check my YouTube video about how mother’s day is celebrated in Germany:

Disclaimer: All products and pictures are of the responsibility of Etsy and its sellers.

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