I come from a small and “wet” country, bordered by the Ocean. It is also the westernmost country in Europe (mainland), Portugal.

The Erasmus program brought my husband to Portugal and I meet him in the lovely city of Porto.

I consider myself a “life-tips” researcher. Always looking for the best products and the best way to do pretty much everything I can think of. My other facet is the willingness to help and share knowledge. And those are exactly the reasons why I started ABOE.

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On ABOE Baby&Family you can find information about turning into a mother in Germany, my migrant motherhood experiences and lessons learned in Germany. Pregnancy, education and bilingualism are some of the topics you can find on my website.

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On ABOE theotherhalf you will find everything about life before children with a German and in Germany. Information about moving to Germany, having a German boyfriend and planning a bilingual and bi-cultural wedding from far away are some examples.

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I am a one hundred percent Portuguese women married to a one hundred percent German man, who happens to be a German teacher. We have a small baby and live in Germany, in the beautiful university city of Heidelberg.

I studied pharmacy and am about to finish my Public Health doctoral degree, so of course health related topics are of my biggest interest!

I love to travel to either cold or hot destinations, cook for family and friends, drive my bicycle in Spring days, taste new food and new cultures, learn new languages, dance (a very important part of me) and be surrounded by friends and family (“the more the merrier”)!