best oil to prevent strech marks

The best oil to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

The nightmare of every pregnant women, Stretch marks! I can tell you that I used a lot of oil and lotion and got NO STRETCH MARK. This post is about the best oil to prevent stretch marks in my opinion.

Concerning the oils, I used 4 different oils and I applied them at least 6 times a day. All the oils I used were good but, in my opinion, some left my skin moisturized for longer periods of time. Here is my list and the one I consider the best oil to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy:

1. Mother stretch mark massage oil from Weleda

In my opinion, this is the best oil to prevent stretch marks. The consistency is very thick and after application you still feel the effect after 2 or 3 hours. It is not the cheapest one but it is definitely worth it. However, you should like the smell of plants, because it has a very intensive smell of many different plants. I am not a big fan of its smell, so for me is a negative feature of this oil.

2. Almond skin oil from Kneip

My second choice! The effect of a moisturized skin is still there after one and a half or two hours. It is much cheaper when compared to my first choice. This is the best oil I could find concerning the relationship price-quality.

3. Bi-oil

This oil is s loved but honestly I am not a huge fan. It is no as thick as my first and second choices and the effect was gone after less than one hour. In the end, on the days I used it, I had to apply it much often which is annoying. It is as expensive as the mother stretch marks massage oil from Weleda and in my opinion it doesn’t worth that much. I personally also don’t like how it smells, like cinnamon.

4. “Streifenlos” body oil from

This oil is the cheapest of my list and the price reflects its quality. I do not recommend this oil to any pregnant women. It is too fluid and after 20 minutes you have back the dry skin feeling.

I hope this list helps you to find the best oil to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and not to get ANY stretch mark! If you want to see this content in a video check the video I made for my YouTube channel here below:

This is just my honest opinion and it might be very specific since everyone has a different type of skin.

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  • Amanda

    These all are best oils to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. My sister has used bio oil to treat stretch marks and it worked well for her. She has no marks now. I will definitely recommend these all. Thanks and keep sharing.

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