Midwife in Germany

Midwife in Germany: How to find a Hebamme in Deutschland!

Finding a midwife in Germany can be really difficult and time consuming. But it is really worth to get one – A midwife can help you before, during and after giving birth: during preventive examinations, if there is any pregnancy problem, with your worries and fears, during the prepartum classes, while breastfeeding, with baby care, the beginning of solids, during postpartum gymnastics and more.

Midwives are usally swamped in work, specially in big cities here in Germany, so the best thing to do is to look for a midwife as soon as you know you are pregnant. But even if you live in a small city it is a good idea to start looking for a midwife as soon as possible. It will allow you to have time to find the right midwife for you.

Not all midwives offer all services and they restrict their services to specific geografic area. So it makes no sense for example to contact a midwife offering her services in Berlin if you are spending your pregnancy and post partum in Munich.

Here my extensive list on resourses where you can find a midwife:

Ask a friend

At first I would ask friends for reccomendations. If your friends were happy with their Hebammen they will tell you all about her services and you will get a first hand opinion from a person you trust on a specific midwife. That is priceless! Of course, it is important that this specific Hebamme offers services where you live.

Midwives’ general websites

Some general websites as Hebamensuche, Anmely and the Spitzenverband midwives list.

Federal states’ search websites

Specific midwives search websites from almost all 16 German Federal states:

Facebook groups

There are some general facebook groups but many are confined to a geografical location.

You have to write “Hebammenvermittlung” and then the city or region you live and hope for an existing facebook group – Some examples of already existing facebook groups are: Hebammenvermittlung Köln, Bradenburg/Postdam, Ruhrgebiet, Hamburg, Berlin, Bonn, Leverküsen und Düren.

Other institutions and organisations

  • Midwife clinics (Hebammenpraxen) and Birth centres (Geburtshäuser)
  • Maternity hospitals (Geburtskliniken/Entbindungskliniken)
  • Gynecologists (Frauenärzte und Frauenärztinnen) – usually they have printed lists with midwives working in the surrondings.
  • Your health insurance (Krankenkasse) – you can call your insurance and ask if they have any list or can help you somehow on finding a Midwife.
  • Family education centers – often called FBS (Familienbildungsstätte) Fabi, but also called Family House (Haus der Familie (HdF)), family forum or parents’ school – institutions for adult education organized by a church, non-profit or, more rarely, by the county. They offer further education aimed particularly to families, parents and children and they might have a list of Midwives or help you to get one.
  • Even pharmacies might have lists of midwives working near to offer you. I guess not all of them would have, but it defnatelly doesn’t hurt to ask.

Gelbe Seiten

The german yellow pages – they are telephone directories of businesses, organized by category rather than alphabetically by business name. It is too general and this is my last option, when non of the previous options got you a midwife.

If you want to post a text presenting your situation and requirements on one of those facebook groups, I have created a text in German with options which you can adapt to you and copy paste to any platform:

Hallo, Meine Entbindungstermin is am DD/MM/YYY (Due date). Ich wohne in _________(Stadt), in _________ (Stadteil mit artikel (der/die/das)). Ich bin gesetzlich/privat/nicht versichert und es wird meine erstes/zweites/drittes/viertes/… Geburt. Es wäre schön wenn Sie __________________ (English/Spanish/Französisch/Portugiesisch/Russisch/Türkisch) sprechen können. Ich freue mich auf eine Antwort. Viele Grüße, (your name)

I really hope this information helps you to find a midwife! If you have further questions or comments let me know on the comments section down below.

Here all the information you need to know in a video format:

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