worst baby boy names in Germany

The worst German boy names | Never use these names

Here is a list of German boy names I would never name my children. Not specifically because I don’t like them (even if some I really don’t :P) But because I just can’t pronounce these names right in a relaxed context, like in a conversation during a meal or play dates. I would need to concentrate and most probably say it slowly to get it right (or near right).

I have to confess that many of these names are old, and not really that used anymore in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

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Here is my list of German boy names I would never name any of my children:

Fridtjof / Frithjof / Fritjof

Fridtjof is an old north european name that means something like the prince of peace, which sounds very beautifull. But it also sounds like cemetery in German, which is “Friedhof”. It can be spelled in 3 different ways and there are many known Germans named Fridjof. Fridjof Kelber is a German politician, Frithjof Vierock was a German actor and Fritjof Meyer is a German political scientist and journalist.


Bartholomäus is actually the Latin variant of the Aramaic and Hebrew name Bar-Tolmai “son of Tolmai” and it was also the name of one the twelve apostles. This name is used as first name but also as a surname in Germany. Bartholomäus Metlinger was a German doctor during the middle ages. His most famous work, Kinderbüchlein (“Little Book about Children”), was the first German-language work on pediatrics. The book describes several childhood diseases and their treatments, besides providing educational advice. It also contains one of the first known written definitions of a pacifier.


Northern Germany name that means something like good friend and courageous. Jörn-Felix Alt is a German actor, singer and musical performer, and Jörn Schwinkendorf was a German professional soccer player and is currently a soccer trainer.


Jürgen is Georg in German and it can also be spelled without this 2 dots, the Umlaut. But then it sounds also differently (I guess). Jürgen was actually one of the most used names for baby boys until the seventies, but it is not one of the most popular names for boys right now. Jürgen Klinsmann is a quite known German professional soccer trainer and former player.


It is a German name with Greek origin. In English is Hyacinth, Italian Giacinto or in Portuguese Jacinto. This is a quite old name and not that used in Germany. It looks like there are around 5.600 other boys’ names more used in Germany than Hyazinth.

Korbinian or Corbinian

It is an old German name specially used in Bayern and in Austria, It derives from the latin word corvus, which means raven.


The male first name Arne means “the eagle” and “the ruler”. Arne is thought to be the Danish and Swedish short form of the names Arnold and Arnulf. Arne Friedrich is a German soccer coach and a former soccer player, he played for the German national team.


Arndt is an old German name spread in the Middle Ages and it is a short form of Arnold. It means something like the ‘king eagle’.


Rüdiger, in English could be Roger and this is a German name that means something like ‘famous lance’. Rüdriger Nehberg was a German human rights activist and auhor. I’ve meet a Rüdriger here in Germany, and it was really difficult for me to pronounce his name in the beginning. But he was always so kind and friendly that, even if Rüdriger is not an easy name for me (and I would still not choose it for a child of mine) I remember this name always with kidness and affection.

Sönke / Söhnke

Sönke is a German and Dutch first name meaning “son” or “little son”. There is a girl’s name version of this name – Check here my whole list of “Worst German baby girl names“. Sönke Wortmann is a German film director and producer and he was the director of Charitè, the known Netflix German drama television series.


In Old High German nid means resentment or envy and harti means hard, strong, firm, determined, Neidhart von Reuenthal lived during the 12th and 13th centuries and was one of the most famous Minnesänger. With the largest corpus of surviving lyrics of any Minnesänger, suggesting that his songs were very popular.


Uodalrich means rich, powerful legacy and Ulrich it is considered a more modern form of Uodalrich.

Many of these names are old and outdated. So not really that used anymore in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

And you? What do you think about these names? Do you love them or not really?

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