• Nursing pilow

    Nursing pillow: Why you should get a breastfeeding pillow

    Buying a nursing pillow (aka breastfeeding pillow or maternity pillow) was the best investment I did. It was the best price-quality baby/pregnancy product I purchased. There are many pillows on the market and I am very happy with my choice.…

  • Maternity leave

    Maternity leave in Germany

    Mutterschaft (Maternity leave) in Germany For an expat mother it might not be clear what people mean when they say “Mutterschutz”. In this post you will get the main information you need to know how the maternity leave in Germany…

  • Mother's day in Germany

    Mother’s day gift ideas on Etsy Deutschland

    In this post you can see some of my mother's day gift ideas that you can get on Etsy Deutschland. Mother's day is celebrated with gifts in many countries around the world. And Germany is not an exception.

  • Names in Germany

    Illegal names in Germany for babies

    The is a list of illegal names in Germany. The refused names names are chosen by the parents but not accepted in German courts. In Germany there are rules for everything! Naming your child is not an exception. However, parents…