Mother's day in Germany

Mother’s day present ideas on Amazon Deutschland

Mother’s day is celebrated with presents in many countries around the world. Germany is not an exception. Here you can see my favorite Amazon Germany mother’s day present picks.

1. Heart shaped necklace

Mother’s day is about showing love and appreciation, and a heart can symbolize that. I am not a “hearts” person, but I have to admit that some are pretty cute and I would definitely wear them.

2. “I am because you are” bracelet

If your mother is into statement objects this is the perfect mother’s day present. The message is clear and very true. You exist because she does, and that is beautiful!

3. Classic earrings

If your mother loves a classic piece of jewelry, this one stone earrings are the perfect fit. And since they go along with so many different outfits and situations, she will be using them very often.

4. Tree of life necklace

The tree of life is an universal symbol of the connection to one’s family and ancestors. That makes it the perfect mother’s day present to your mother. It could be a piece of jewelry or something else.

5. Geometric earrings

For trendy moms I suggest this geometric earrings. Super cute and modern!

6. Flowers

Yes, you can get flowers from Amazon! For me, these hydrangeas have the word “mother” written all over.

7. A mother’s memory book

A book with all the reasons why you love your mother and memories that you spend together. I am sure this is something she would like to keep and enjoy reading from time to time.

8. A coloring book for mothers

For creative mothers a coloring book can be a way to release stress, which is a common issue in every quarantine house.

9. Mother’s tshirt

We are all wearing much more often relaxed outfits, which include leggings and t-shirts. Why not offer your mother a new t-shirt, even better: a mom’s t-shirt! Amazon has available many of those. Here I leave you two examples.

10. First mother’s day celebration items

For mother celebrating mother’s day for the first time you can get a cute first mother’s day body to her baby. Even with a matching t-shirt for the mother.

11. Mom tea and coffee cups

I am not a coffee person, but I drink a lot of tea! And since I am a mother that I wanted to have a cute mother’s tea cup. I leave here two cups that I find really adorable. And some of them you can even personalize on the back with a message.

I hope this post helped you to find the perfect present for your mother!

Don’t forget to check my YouTube video about how mother’s day is celebrated in Germany:

Disclaimer: All products and pictures are of the responsibility of Etsy and its sellers.

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