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Grocery shopping during quarantine in Germany – The essential checklist

Grocery shopping during quarantine is definitely not fun! Check here my top advice when going to a supermarket during quarantine here in Germany.

Before shopping

1. Do a 2-weeks shopping list.

A grocery shopping list during quarantine will help you not only to buy exactly what you need, but also to avoid buying unnecessary products. Those products might just get spoiled at your place or even worst, they might be needed in another home. If you can plan for buying enough food and other needed items for 2 weeks you will be saving some unnecessary supermarket visits.

2. Go alone

If you go alone, you reduce the risk of infecting any other member of your family/house and the rest of the society. Another reason not to go to the supermarket in groups of two or more are the unnecessary waiting times on the supermarket door due to the limited number of persons allowed inside some supermarkets. 

3. Don’t forget to take with you shopping bags, the “pfand” bottles and a coin

You are not about to buy just a few products that fit under your arm, so take some supermarket bags with you. But even more annoying than not taking soem bags is to forget the “pfand” (deposit) bottles and boxes at home. You are planning not to go to the supermarket for the next 2 weeks (for your own sake and your families), so accumulating 1 month “pfand” stuff may take a lot of space inside the house (that already seems smaller than before). In Germany you need a 0,50€, 1€ or 2 € coin (or made out of plastic) to be able to use a shopping cart (and you will need it since you are buying for 2 weeks). Don’t forget to take one from home. You might ask the cashier one coin in exchange from many small coins or a bill, but this is causing avoidable contact.

During shopping

1. Stick to your list

If you do so, it is not only advantageous because you get exactly what you really need, but also the needed quantities (taking into consideration the 2 weeks rule). There is no need to buy exaggeratedly (“Hamsterkauf”), just enough to keep the visits to the supermarket each 2 weeks.

2. Keep distance from other costumers and supermarket workers

Avoid being closer than around 2 meters from other customers and supermarket workers.

3. Prefer a contactless payment

If not possible, pay with a debit or credit card and use cash just if non of those are an option for you. In Germany is not possible to pay using a card everywhere. Thankful that is not usually the case for supermarkets. Choosing another payment method as debit or credit card is preferable, even better is contactless payment. Depending on your bank account and the supermarket you go, you might be able to pay using just your smartphone. Aldi, Lidl and Kaufland should accept Google pay for example. In many of such apps you can also add all your loyalty cards and avoid having to search for them, touching or even exchange it with the cashier.

After shopping

1. Remove your protection items (if you are using those)

Choose carefully the place and time to take out your protection items (knowing that you should directly wash your hands.

2. Wash your hands or use an alcohol-based hand rub after shopping

Do it properly and with water and soap preferably. If not possible use an alcohol-based hand rub.

If you would like to do it yourself an alcohol-based hand rub at home check this video that explains how to do it safely at home.

3. Re-start the grocery shopping list

With a continuous list you are sure that you don’t forget anything next time. You can even engage your family/house members on completing the list. It could be a piece of paper with a pen hanging nearby, a board or even an app (we are using google keep here at home).

This essential checklist is part of the extended checklist. If you want to have it as pdf. with all measures explained and a printable list click on this link:

Check here my YouTube video about the essential grocery shopping during quarantine checklist.

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